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The Views Project - 20 floor highrise


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Turning KC's worst eyesore into a beauty of the skyline...

Crawford Architects came forward with plans to renovate this building into a beautiful glass facade highrise.

330 feet tall and 20 floors, too tall to be ugly and too ugly to stay.

The former Vista Del Rio which has been home to drug dealers and homeless people for awhile is now turning around just like our downtown.

I took the photo this Saturday along the highway (with the window down when it was almost 0*)

The project is estimated to cost from 20 million to 25 million dollars.

The View will provide wonderful views of downtown and the big muddy.

It's website should come up sometime this or next month (i guess)


Oh, and BTW, it isn't gutted or anything.



A thread at KCSkyscrapers has more information and will of course have any updates:


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Wow. That building sure is ugly!! What were the architects thinking when they designed that?! It's good to hear that the building is getting renovated...it will look a million times better with the glass facade. Great news for KC!

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