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Downtown Project Rundown


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The format is borrowed from Mr. dubone of Charlotte.

1 Buncombe County Jail Annex

2 Capital Center

3 College Street building

4 The Dixon on Biltmore

5 The Griffin

6 Lexington Station

7 60 N. Market St.

8 12 S. Lexington Ave.

9 City County Plaza

10 Chamber of Commerce

11 Battery Park Condos

12 (red) Staples

12 (yellow)Lexington Village Plaza

13 Deal Buick Site

14 Hotel

15 Parking Deck

16 Memorial Stadium

17 Grove Arcade

18 Starbucks

19 Renaissance Surface Lot

20 Civic Center / Thomas Wolfe Auditorium

21 Intersection work

Soon to be added

Asheville Savings Bank

Sawyer Motor Annex (downtown) 3-story office/residential

The Glen Rock (river district) 7-story residential

Elizabeth / Starnes Building (Broadway) 5-story residential

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Wow, very well done.

What plans are there with the Renaissance Surface Lot (#19)? I've always thought getting something there would go a long way towards making the eastern side of downtown feel more cohesive. But I hadn't heard they were actually thinking about doing something with it.

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They aren't really, although a few years ago, someone threw out that location as the possible site for a new performing arts center. It's an excellent location, but seeing as a committee to build such a center is going to have to beg and scrape for every penny, don't count on it.

yeah, i kinda threw that one in there hoping someone had heard something recently.

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Great work, Archiham04!

The question with maps like this is... how far back do you go, do you include historic renovations, etc.

If you feel like putting some more recent, significant historic renovations on there (you already have the Asheville Savings building and the Grove Arcade) you might consider:

The Aston on the southwest corner of Aston and Church

Oxford Place at the northeast corner of Biltmore and Sycamore

The Sawyer Motor Buildling at the southeast corner of Coxe and Hilliard

...plus basically everything on Glazer Architecture's page, and several more on Delphi Development's page, although the three above are probably the most significant over the past 3 or 4 years.

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A few notes:

The Oxford Place link also links you to the Westwood Development Group's website, where another project in Asheville is mentioned -- the Rowhouses at Half Past Ten. It's described as live/work industrial housing. I haven't heard a thing about it... does anyone else have info?

Does anyone have info about the building directly across Biltmore from the Pack Place parking garage? I went to the art museum earlier this month and noticed as I was leaving that there were workmen moving from room to room inside what had been up to then a glaringly rotten tooth in downtown's smile. The building is four or five stories tall and was so decayed that the windows were falling out. In addition to people moving around inside, you could see ladders leaning against the walls and lights burning inside.

When I look at the Oxford Place apartments, and at an historic postcard of the Oxford Hotel, I'm annoyed to see such drastic alterations to what was already a fine building. The alterations were obviously done decades ago, but it's irritating all the same, just as it's irritation to know that once upon a time the Drhumor Building sported a lovely tower at its curved edge.

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Regarding Oxford Place, the facade was altered back in the 1930s. The building was initially constructed in 1891. I find its current appearance to be tasteful and attractive, and any attempt to restore the original facade would cause the building to lose its eligibility for historic preservation tax grants.

RE the row houses at half past ten, I have no idea.

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