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Tri-Cities Photo of the Day

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I took some highway pictures on the way home at the beginning of June.


Check out that awesome cloud line! It wasn't long after this picture was taken that it rained so hard that I almost had to pull over. Ironically, the exact same weekend last year I was going home for a wedding, this exact same spot posed the same problem.


Again, the minute we hit the exit ramp, it rained buckets. Poor guy in the jeep. :) lol


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Oh, I wish I could have. I was in a hurry as it was trying to make it up north for a wedding party dinner...that, and the rain slowed me down quite a bit. I will be be back in the nasty sooner er later. :)

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ive always kinda wanted to check out Saginaw, ive never got the chance to really.

wolverine, i like to take highway shots too, i like the view of the zillwaukee from the angle of 75, it makes the bridge look so mighty and big.

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And that's near where I got a speeding ticket once.

I hate Mt. Morris

Hey, that's where I lived until I was 14. Oh yeah, I got a speeding ticket there once also. Never mind, I hate Mt. Morris too. At least the po-lease.

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I like the SBC, AT&T or Michigan Bell buildings, or whatever they call them these days, that I have seen throughout Michigan. And it's not just bias because that's where my Dad works. They just seem to have kept them up well and the architecture of most of them is pretty interesting. BTW, the one's I have seen are Detroit and Grand Rapids. The one's I have been in are Flint, Saginaw and Traverse City.

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I like Michigan Bell Building's, too. I like most telephone buildings. Not to hijack, but here's Lansing original one (they built a huge Brutalist-styled addition onto the back of it in the 60's):


Here's the monster addition (180-200 feet tall) they built on to the back of it on Washington Square



Here's Jackson's SBC Building


I know Dnast has some of Flint's.

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