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Tri-Cities Photo of the Day


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I already answered a few posts up. Regardless, I can't picture myself in a small boat that has a high risk of tipping over. I can swim, but the taste of nasty Saginaw riverwater + dioxin getting in my mouth shortly after capsizing wouldn't be a great moment. BTW, the bridge in the background..... the city has painted the support columns and base white again which means it's now a blank slate for graffiti again. The paint has been getting heavy lately, I'm surprised they didn't sandblast and start fresh this year

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I can recognize tri-cities rural anyday. Are you out on W. Center?

I don't know what it is, but for some reason Michigan rural areas seem more populated than other states. Not necessarily by new homes and subdivisions, but farms are much closer together.

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I love that house in the first photo. A very LONG LONG time ago, we had this amazing thread posted here with a good tour of all the homes on Center Av. I'm hoping to do a second round at that.

BTW, the old Carnegie Library gone bank looks superb. I think it's a very good adaptive reuse.

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