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Katrina backlash!


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I suppose they would rather hear about American Idol ? Running the news programs as entertainment programs which must bend to the whim of popularity hasn't had great results. This sort of gunning for numbers is what brought us Geraldo and his crocodile tears (and shoes, too), wailing loudly for the camera. I think I'd prefer silence. So, I'd agree that the general public probably does have "Katrina Fatigue." I remember having Vietnam fatigue as a young child. I don't remember the networks fretting about whether or not to carry the war as news. Does it stop being news simply because a fickle public would rather hear about something else?

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The video didn't work for me. Though I know that most of the country probably has "Katrina fatigue" as I have it at points, and nearly everything that is being reported affects me in some way. Probably 95% of the news in SE Louisiana has some relation to Katrina, and at many points I just wish something new would pop up.

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