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21 minutes ago, distortedlogic said:

Well Bon Secours is a larger entity but I suppose they could go after our local St Francis system. Spartanburg Regional? 

That's been tried (the latter, plus Anderson). To no avail. https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB844190793689772000

But times may be a'changin'.

Whether competition arises depends on barriers to entry. I suspect they're pretty big.

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23 minutes ago, GVLover said:

Not exactly where to put these links/lines of inquiry. Anyone have any idea if Traverse Greenville + 600 E Washington St are conceptual or actually in the works?



Traverse is Markley Place which is currently under construction: https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/116758-110-markley-street-24-unit-condominium/?page=3 600 East Washington Street was approved by the DRB a few months ago. Not sure when construction is slated to start on it. 


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5 hours ago, gman430 said:

All I hear are the chirping sounds of crickets. :D 

I'm in that weird little no-man's land where the addresses say Simpsonville, but I'm within walking distance of the Mauldin city limits, and not much farther from the city limits of Greenville proper... No crickets over here.  Nothing but the sounds of squirrels fighting against the soothing and constant whisper of traffic on Woodruff.  

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34 minutes ago, Skyliner said:

Quote from a GSA Business article: 


"In fact, he said that the combined company may one day have a corporate office in Clearwater, Fla., and potentially move Synnex Corp.’s Fremont, Calif., headquarters to Greenville."

A potential Fortune *100* company should require a downtown high-rise or at least a commitment to a significant lease at County Square to get the ball rolling on that project. I'm sure Greenville and SC will provide whatever incentives to bring the HQ here.

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