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Six Mile, SC

GSP Tiger

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Nestled above Clemson and Central lies Six Mile. It is said the area received its name from the distance traveled by rescuees from a frontier fort in the present day Lake Jocasee. SC-133 and SC-137 are the major routes through town.

In recent years, growth has taken advantage of the shores of Lake Keowee with several upscale residential communities.

* * *

Plan adds 280 homes to Lake Keowee shore

The Greenville News (SC)


The shores of Lake Keowee continue to sprout up higher end residential communities, including the recently announced Water Glen. The idea of upscale living in scenic lakeside views and recreation intrigues me.

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I do not know if the Oconee Nuclear Station miles away plays a factor in Six Mile growing. If it can continue to operate safely for decades to come, growth will continue in the area.

with all the development on keowee i think the lake could support a village of sorts with a marina, lodge, retail and dining. :thumbsup:

I support the idea yet I do not know if the area is enough to support such a project yet. I would like to see some light retail go up like a drugstore and/or a supermarket. I doubt people want to drive out to Clemson, Liberty, Pickens or Seneca to buy their necessities being ten miles away atleast.

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Clemson, Central, Norrisa, Walhalla, Seneca, Six Mile, and Salem are all within the 10 mile radius of the Oconee Nuclear Station. We get the test sirens and all of that jazz. I recieved my ONS calendar informing me what to do in the event of an emergency. I doubt the proximity to that is affecting that much. Lake Keowee is seeing some of the highest growth rates in the region.

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Spartan are you from that area? Ive been working up in that area (Clemson/Seneca/Walhalla/Salem,) for the past few weeks and while im very famliar with it I got to hear the "test" sirens about a week and a half back. I was in Walhalla at the time. It was scary until someone told me they were testing.

Also, the "downtown" part of Keowee is mostly just a few small strip centers. There are a couple of real estate agencies, an insurance place, wine store, hair salon, bank, subway, and a florist. I was thinking the same thing. They need a nice public restaurant, a few more stores and possibly a resort hotel. It is SUCH a beautiful area.

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Yeah, I am currently living in the Clemson area. They do tests once each quarter... the next is on April 12th. I would be somewhat worried too if it went off and I didnt know what to do. When I first moved here people who aren't from SC made a big deal about the siren test, but it doesn't sound much different from a tornado siren to me.

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