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Petsmart gets some competition


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Thats great news. I generally like PetCo better than Pestmart. Petco opened up in Spartanburg last year, and it just feels like a better establishment. Plus, I like some healthy competition for this type of store.

Greenville has (or used to have) some pretty good locally owner pet stores around town. There was one on Laurens Rd I think. Carolina Petworld? Something to that effect. Anyway, are any of these places still around?

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Yeah, Greenville is a pretty dog friendly (pet friendly) city, which always seems to be a good sign. Lots of local places....Paws & Claws on Augusta, Carolina Pet Centers (multiple locations), Saluda River (multiple locations), plus the chains, etc. The new Petsmart at Greenridge has the states first Pet Hotel inside. Kinda cool....looks like the lobby to a new Hampton Inn. Has this phone on the wall called the "Bone Phone" where you can call and talk to your pets while they are being boarded. The doggie suites have TV's that play dog videos and lambskin bedding. Nice place. The dogs get better treatment than the masters. :D

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