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I as well mj, I was under the notion that I-576 would loop from Monroeville to Clairton and then use the SB to the airport. That is a big question as far as the downtown to Duquesne section of the Downtown-Monroeville SH tunnel bypass would be easy to drive (two different routes #s on that?).

I'll try to get some info on it but most of that stuff is up in the air.

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Urban, misunderstood the question, that is right isn't it, I-576 isn't the route officially yet. When are we getting a congressmember with tenure to camp out on the Transporation committee for about 3 decades so we can get these things through? I-99 was designated and signed before a shovel hit the dirt, most of this transportation policy is by fiat, "let there be . . .". Pittsburgh has to make up a few decades on mass transit and interstate issues.

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I found this on a the resourceful site pahighways.com, but I find it a little confusing:

There has been speculation as to what designation will be placed on this highway when it is completed. I had believed that it would receive an odd PA Turnpike x43 since it will be a spur off of PA Turnpike 43/Mon-Fayette Expressway. Matt Boyko, contributor to Pennsylvania Highways and Pittsburgh Highways, forwarded me an e-mail response from Joe Agnello of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. The message said, "Based on our current plans, the Southern Beltway will be designated Pa. Route 576 or Pennsylvania Turnpike 576. Ultimately, we believe that major chunks, at the least, of both the Mon/Fayette Expressway and Southern Beltway systems will receive Interstate designation from the Federal Highway Administration." The decision to designate this highway, along with a section of the Mon-Fayette Expressway and the spur to Monroeville, as Interstate 576 came in May 2002.


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