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After becoming a member to this spectacular online community I really never took the chance to get involved until now. I wanted to start up a forum that talked about student housing aspects. I saw a few threads on student apartments like University Lofts (which we all know is a glorified motel), and the construction of West 10 Apartments near apple yard and tenessee st ( www.west10apts.com ), but other then that theres not a whole lot on the site related to students. Who know's maybe I'm crazy but I wanted to get something going for developments realting to the collges in tallahassee in any which way. Like why is Student Housing Solutions buying University Groves (off Old Bainbridge)and renaming/remodeling it into Down Under which if you didn't get by the name has an Austrilian theme. Anyways my point is simply college students in tallahassee are forced to live in either unsuitable dorming arrangements or mega-plexes of student apartments which are badly managed and dreadfully neglected. What other options are out there?

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Sounds good RKelly. Why don't we start this by talking about some corridors in which student properties are located. Namely Pensacola Street, the heaviest concentration of student housing, much of which is being aquired by SHS, Student Housing Solutions. A company I've delt with in the past on unfriendly terms. SHS has recently aquired Sterling Univeristy Grove and has renamed that property Down Under (Austriallia) today they had a boomerang tossing party to kick things off.

I'm not very fond of alot of the student developments around. SHS also owns the Univeristy Lofts we mentioned before. Those and alot of the new properties have been built soley for the sake of making some real estate developer rich. I, as a real estate major respect any person who is able to invest and get a nice return on their money, but at the expense of the quality of life in a community, and the eye soars that ugly cookie cutter student housing projects have brought (with exception of a few communities) I've found it harder and harder to respect the quality of work these developers do.

I'm very excited about the possibility of having a quality student housing project off of Gaines Street. Place properties has proposed a nice building that will mix well with the Gaines Street revitalization plan. But city leaders may be concerned with the design of the living space. Instead of selling units, they are selling beds, which tends to lend more toward dorm style living than urban apartments for young professionals, adults, and college students looking to live alone.

Here's a picture of the place properties building being proposed:


I have tons of details on whats being proposed for this project if you, RKelly, or anyone else is interested.

Where would you like to take this conversation on Student living?

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Yes I saw the place properties proposal for Gaines Street and it looks very interesting just where exactly would it be located? The idea of having a real urban community that would possibly connect the two schools is great. I think that the Gaines Street Proposal would build a great social atmosphere around that location. The renderings of the apartments look great and for the lease by bedroom situation, that is really the only viable option for college students. If one of your roommates decides to leave suddenly half way into your lease you don't need to worry about covering his end of the rent. But I see how city officials are concerned so why don't they just opt for either the student, young professional who ever to have the option either lease by bedroom or apartment.

But in general we need more developments like this that are targeted for students. Some of the so called student apartment complexes off Pensacola are disgraceful. The main problem with off campus housing is that its so far off campus. With parking such a huge problem at FSU I can see why some students would live in places like University Lofts.

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You're absolutely right about those apartments along Pensacola Street. I think my biggest beef is the Vinyl Siding used for most of the buildings. The Point at Adams, The Exchange, Campus Lodge, The Boardwalk, Seminole Suites Phase I, are a few of the projects that I really really like... YET they are in the WORST locations. Each of these seems to be hidden from the major student corridors.

I too appreciate the opportunity for students to have a role in the revitalization of Gaines Street. I'm just not sure I'd like the concept currently on the table. The project would have 574 beds, not bedrooms! This means that students would have to share a room... very much like a dormitory. I don't like this at all. Why? Because I'd like to be able to live there as a student, but I need my own personal space. Also, there's the posibility that 574 people will show up with automobiles... although less likely to drive them everyday. Dormitory style projects would be fine along Pensacola Street surrounding the campus, Augustine Road, and the little streets that surround the school... but along Gaines, we need to have apartments or condos.

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I didnt realize that there would be 547 beds not apartments thats a horrible idea, that sounds just like a dorm. And FSU is already putting up new dorm halls already. Students need there own space as much if not more then anyone else. We need more apartments and condos around the University. There's some great places like The Exchange, The Groves at University Club, and a few others that are good studnt apartment complexes there just not in the best location. And if you in the market for a one bedroom you can almost forget about it. What FSU needs is more projects like the Heirtage Grove one off pensecola and ocala. There great apartments and have a bus stop for the taltran to take you to campus, who in their right mind would drive a car to school then.

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Yes, none of this bed nonesince... lets picket that idea... heck no beds wont flow! Heck no beds wont flow!

No need to Picket, although I love the Chant! "Heck no the beds won't Flow!!" :yahoo: The committee that approved these RFPs will address this concern. And if the developer isn't willing to change the concept we'll find another. What we need quite frankly are stores on the ground level, and homes 4-5 levels of apartments above.

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During the KCCI workshops, I made it a point to note how the college student sector of the city is underserved by both government and private companies, and how our area of the city is percieved compared to the other areas. I defined the college area as the SW quadrant of the city while understanding there are some students living outside of this sector.

Some of the things I noted were:

  1. Lack of sidewalks/bike lanes in critical pedestrian areas.

  2. Overgrown grass, and litter in a number of areas.

  3. Inadequate directional signage.

  4. Lack of desirable restaurants and shopping venues.

  5. Police/Law Enforcement officers not known to community.

  6. Underperforming Public Schools

Can you all think of anything to add to this list?
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Bad Lighting. This goes along with the poor sidewalks thing.

Parking. Not sure how much the city can do with this. Most Student houses can have up to six people living in them. With six cars. I know that there is a law on the books that says that 3 or more unrelated people can not live together, but that is ignored by most students.

Other Random issues

Theft has always been a big issue in student communities. Perhaps there can be seminars/classes about protecting your belongings. Remember to lock your doors, tell your land lord about broken windows, etc.

Renter Rights. Most students don't know thier rights as leasees. Add Rental Laws to the list of classes that can be offered.

Student Neighboorhood Assosiations. Perhaps there could be a way to get students to take care of thier temporary homes if there was a student run neighborhood assosiation. Have monthly meetings and elect officers every six months. I don't know how this can start up. Perhaps have the city/colleges host the first few to get them started.

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