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Oh What a surprise! Census probably made a mistake on Cleveland #1 in poverty


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First of all the government census for some reason have to mess up ohio and cleveland's numbers by a good margin. Or their guesses and estimates are just way off. Here in this article it talks about how Cleveland is no longer #1 on the povery list and dropped down at least 13 spots in under just a year. Probably cause it was a mistake to begin with.

Another census which I will post which is all screwed up was the census 2000. They had underestimated clevelands population by more than 40,000 and said that it was all ready printed and couldnt change it. They also have the estimates by 2010 as us having in the low 400,000's. While a local survey conducted by keycorp, the city of cleveland, and many other partners did their own census and had our population at a little over 500,000. That makes a little more sense considering homes are being built at a record pace around here and our downtown livling was named the fastest growing downtown in terms of population and the 7th fastest growing in the nation. I will post that article on here also in the next couple days.

Here is the article about how Cleveland no longer has the highest povery.

Cleveland not #1 in poverty

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