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Commonalities of Seattle, Pittsburgh


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Ahh, SunD a thread for very ole me. I saw the post on the Pittsburgh board, nice article overall. I am confused about all that "Pittsburgh is nothing like Seattle" stuff you were so strongly expousing in light of these two major articles by Seattle papers. Oh and you are welcomed on the Pgh board anytime, I just don't know how many would choose to give your ideas time if you use terms like nags and hatecrew. I think to a poster over there we all love Seattle, since of course we are so much alike in some major ways. :)

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You are well versed in my counterpoint to that SunD, again I agree on things such as airport and some pop. stats but those do not an overall comparable make.

I think the world's vote over the next 10 days may even vindicate me on this one. ;)

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