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SC Metro Job Employment


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The US Conference of Mayors has released its Metro Economies report on job creation gain/loss. Not surprisingly, areas such as the midwest which are reliant on manufacturing jobs are not doing so well. Big gainers were in the including health care, construction, retail trade and state government sectors. Here in SC the reported cities stack up as follows and would seem to mimic the national results:

Change in Metro Employment 2001 - 2004

Metro, Jobs in 2001, Jobs in 2004, Change, Percentage

  1. Myrtle Beach, 102.4, 116.5, 14,090, 13.75%

  2. Florence, 66.1, 70.1, 4,000, 6.06%

  3. Charleston, 255.9, 266.4, 10,510, 4.11%

  4. Sumter, 42.3, 42.6, 230, 0.63%

  5. Columbia, 311.7, 304.7, -6,950,-2.23%

  6. Greenville, 488.8, 470.0, -29,840,-5.97%

The loss of 30,000 jobs in the Greenville area is particularly surprising and disturbing as I don't think this has been widely reported in the press.
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Actually these stats are not all that surprising. Myrtle Beach pretty much has a ton of construction jobs available in the metro, and of course you have tourism. Charleston's economy is continuing to diversify at a substantial rate, while Columbia has suffered cutbacks in the city's largest economic generator, state government. I also think the Greenville area is still suffering from losses in the textile/manufacturing industry. These stats demonstrate why Innovista and ICAR must succeed so as to become beneficial to the local economies of Columbia and Greenville.

At any rate, while these statistics are important, they don't paint the entire picture as far as the local economies of those metro areas are concerned. More jobs doesn't necessarily translate into a strong or diverse economy.

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remember after 9/11 there was the so-called recession. IF you look at the 03-04 number from this report all SC were gaining. Plus all of the SC cities were back to their pre-recession level except Greenville.

Finally, the initial draft of this report had Charleston losing jobs as well. The Charleston Econonic Development arem of the Chamber challenged the numbers successfully and had them changed. I am not aware if other munipalities took that step.

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It is interesting that many manufacturing companies in the Upstate have relocated to other countries, but Greenville County currently has the second lowest unemployment rate in the state, despite steadily gaining population. What are the numbers for jobs per county in SC?

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