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Village West Area and the Chiefs

The Waldonian

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I was recently out by the Kansas Speedway in the Village West area and it is amazing how it is growing out there. They will also be building a new massive waterpark. I think this would be a pretty good place for the chiefs if they were to ever leave Arrowhead. I want to see the chiefs stay in KC, preferably a new stadium in the years to come, but if they could get a new stadium by moving over there, I think it would be a great fit. I know Sebelius would love to get them over on the Kansas side. Village West is already the biggest tourist attraction of Kansas because of the speedway, this would only add to it.

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Right now the fate of the Chiefs in KCMO is hinging allot on wether or not Jackson County voters approve a sales tax to fund stadium improvements. It is too close to call with a large tax opposition. I think KS may be ready to pounce if the sales tax is defeated. The city of Kansas City, KS just recently put up an opinion poll on it's web-site asking if citizens think KS should pursue the Chiefs if MO voters reject the sales tax.

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