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New Greenway in Cleveland


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Here in Cleveland we have been working on the Cleveland Bradley Greenway for the last 6 years or so with what I feel is marginal progress.

The Greenway follows Mouse Creek which runs south to north in direction just west of downtown Cleveland. Keith St (Hwy 11 Bypass) also follows Mouse Creek. Phase one took the development along the route from 20th St to 25th St (Hwy 60) (half a mile in length). Phase II took the development from 25th St (Hwy 60) to Raider Dr NW beside Cleveland High School (1.1 miles in length).


(The map is oriented North straight up. Downtown Cleveland is located to the SE of the Map while the Mall and other major shopping is located to the North of the Map... 25th St runs to the west and hits I-75 @ Exit 25. If you follow 25th st east on the map to the final signal you will be looking at 25th St @ Parker St. This is where the 2nd greenway is proposed to start and then run south into Lee University and Downtown Cleveland)

I guess the building is going along alright considering that construction only happens when we receive a grant and then apply some matching money to it, but me being 25 and used to instant gratification always wants to see them step it up. There are plans in the works right now to create a 2nd Greenway along a creek to the east of downtown starting at Lee University and heading north for a ways along some new school, office and town home development up to 25th St NW (Hwy 60)

Once above Raider Dr the Greenway will have a short distance to travel North behind the M&M Mars plant until it ties in with the cities Tinsley Park. And from there it will include one more bridge underpass followed by about a quarter mile of creek until it Crosses under Paul Huff Parkway and ties in with the exiting portion that Home Depot build recently completed as an agreement to build where they are.

I know that if you

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I know a lot of cities are adding green-ways to their park system. Kingsport added one 20 to 25 years ago and it was a hit. I think they are trying to connect he Nashville Murfreesboro green-way system to make a 60 mile long trail. It would be great if they could do a statewide trail system that one could bike or hike across the state without getting on any major roads.. Just food for thought. Maybe someone with connections will read this and take action. Who Knows?

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Phase 3 of the Cleveland Bradley County Greenway has recently opened growing the existing greenway to 1.91 miles of continuous walkway and another 0.24 mile portion on the far north end of the existing project beside Home Depot.

Once the city gets phase 4 and 5 complete in 2009 linking the 1.91 mile section to the south with the 0.24 mile section to the north, the total greenway walk will have 3.83 miles of continuous 10' wide sidewalk following Mouse Creek. Phase 6 of the project will take the greenway a little further south toward the Village Green Town Center on the western edge of downtown sometime in 2010 or a little beyond. This final planned phase will bring the total project to about 4.59 miles. Far future plans have the greenway following Mouse Creek from its north terminus at Mohawk Dr NW all the way to the Hiawssee River about 9 more miles to the north.

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