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Vote for your Favorite Skyscraper Project HNL

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Watermark. #1 reason is every unit has a lanai. #2 reason is 4 acre site/private park with pool/BBQ/recreation (no barren rec dec on the roof of a parking garage with blazing sun and wind). #3 reason only 212 units. #4 reason it's in Waikiki. #5 reason uninterupted view.

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^Yeah i agree it does look like the best of them all. Most aren't all that great but i am glad that they are straying away from all that crap that was built in the 70/80s, more glass facades are a nice thing. However, i wish that these arcthitects would be a little more creative and design stuff that go beyond the box.

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I think they all look hideous. They are boring. Notice how the floorplates stay consistent as you move up the building. Keola Lai, Ko 'Olina Beach Villas, and Watermark Towers start to vary the upper most floorplates, but its not enough. I know the developers are maximizing return on investment, but these towers don't add value and recognition to the Honolulu skyline.

How about we include the Least Favorite New Skyscraper category to this topic?

Favorite New Skyscraper (If I have to pick one to submit a reply to this forum topic):

Moana Pacific Towers

1. The design team didn't use any right angles. Oval shaped floorplates, How daring!

2. Innovative partnership with the owners/developers of the Honolulu Design Center.

3. Partnership allowed for a much more pleasing base than what was originally designed.

Least Favorite New Skyscraper:

1. Ko 'Olina Beach Villas

1. There goes that "Hawaiian Sense of Place" theme going on again. Hey Urbanguy, you are 'Oiwi Maoli. See anything Hawaiian about this theme?

2. Although they do vary the floorplates at the upper levels, the designers just made the towers look hideous by adding those pitched-roofs. Form does not follow function in this scheme because the roofs are not very functional.

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I think they are alright but the majority are still way to boxy. Sure they are not anythin special but they are a 100 times better than what was built in the 60-80s which i wish were all torn down to make way for a bit more creativity.

I think Hawaii needs to import a well-known international or mainland architect for future projects to raise the bar.

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