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ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List


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Moderator's Note (bic - August 4, 2010): I have merged the most recent Downtown Orlando Master List with the archived thread that included discussion of projects from February 2004 to January 2006. After merging the two topics, this archive will span discussion from February 2004 to August 2010. A new "Master List" thread has been created to reflect the new direction of development in Orlando.

Moderator's Note (Late January 2006): I have dug up 3 Master Downtown Development lists that go back an entire two years, and have provided them here as "The Vault". You can see the quick pace of development over the past two years if you look through here; especially when comparing the initial list in this post.

This will be edited, but here's something to look at. This information was put together by Sunshineboy & other Orlando forumers in SSP.


The Plaza

Tri tower project, which include retails and a 12 screens theatre.

380,000 sqft of condo office and 80,000 ft of retails. One of the most anticipated project in downtown. Site demolition is underway and construction is supposed to begin in April. The tallest building is a 27 stories residential building sitting on top of a 10 stories parking garage.


31 stories mixed used building with office, retails and residentials.

Construction starts soon. Almost 70% sold


CNL Tower

12 story office building


The Sanctuary

18 floors residential with lower level retails (under construction)


North Orange

2 twin 18 floors residential towers


Eola South Condo


Federal Courthouse


FAMU college of law



Orlando Intermodal Center


Ustler Uptown Project with retails, office and condo


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Orlando World Trade Center


Peabody Expansion


Vernada Park Metrowest


Atlantis Club

18 stories condo hotel on I-drive


Church Expansion


The Plaza at downtown


Arnold Palmer Expansion


Florida Hospital Expansion


The Vue 35 stories residential by Lake Eola


Other in downtown

Copley Square Brownstone

Osceala Brownstone

Star Tower

Uptown Center

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Compared to Tampa and Jacksonville. Development in downtown Orlando is obvously is not "as grand scale as" Tampa and Jacksonville.

A lot of these projects are not even under construction yet.

55 west is not started yet.

Plaza site's all clear but nothing is going on there now.

Only Sanctuary is under construction.

Big projects are in Disney and convention area.

The only good thing is that we already have an "ok established" downtown scne to start with.

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I agree, downtown Orlando is already great and suprising (to the outsider) a vibrant 24-7 center. I get more impressed with that place, with each and every visit. If most of the large scale projects like the Plaza, the Hue, and 55 West are built, I think the only things needed for the Orlando urban scene will be an urban grocery store and a light rail or commuter rail system.

Unfortunately, because of FAA height restrictions, Orlando will never see 700ft-600ft tall buildings in downtown like the proposals in Jax and Tampa, but the city can definately do something about a rail system. Especially since one was almost approved a couple of years ago and at the time had the backing of the state and federal government.

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By the way, Mayor Dyer is trying to rezone the west side of I-4 across from downtown to allow urban high density developments.

Downtown Orlando is lack of family entertainment and high profile shops like B&N, Ross....

All the museum and science center are way too far from downtown. I wonder which idiot decided to build them so far away from downtown.

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Tinker Field to get 'historic' designation

From Sentinel staff reports

Posted March 26, 2004

ORLANDO -- Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and U.S. Rep Ric Keller, R-Orlando, are expected to announce today that Tinker Field is poised to receive a historic designation from the National Register of Historic Places.

The status would make the 89-year-old ball field eligible for grants that could go toward renovation of the field's grandstands and other features, something Dyer has been pushing since he took office last year.

"It puts us in the ballgame," Dyer said, adding that a local group of investors is continuing to put together a plan to lure a minor-league baseball team to the field, which was once home to spring-training teams and the minor-league Orlando Rays.

Dyer said he and others are optimistic because Florida's Department of State recently recommended the designation to the National Register, a major hurdle in the process.


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New Project

Star Tower

12 stories condo across from Osceala Brownstone


An unknown project that is going to be in Eola District, a few blocks from the Sanctuary called the Jackson.

Look at the beautiful plants on the site, do you want to keep them or cut them down.....


51 luxury condo which will complete in Summer 2005. Once again, do not linked my image to other websites cuz I disgree with how a particular moderator "conduct business" over SSP and SCity. Thanks.

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Anybody knows abou this???

The Loop

The Wilder Companies have found success with what can best be described as niche malls. Based in Massachusetts, the corporation builds specialty malls with a carefully selected mix of retail tenants. Wilder properties across the country range in size from 35,000 square feet to 1,500,000 square feet.

Now, the company is coming to Orlando, developing its

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Copley Square in downtown Orlando


Over the past five years, downtown Orlando has seen a rebirth in residential development. From high-scale condos to upscale apartments, downtown has emerged as the place to be.

The latest entrant is Copley Square on Michigan Avenue near Orange Avenue. In its past life, that block had been the site of an apartment complex best known for building code violations and other problems. The replacement continues a trend of great downtown building, but with a new twist.

Copley Square features classic brownstones and Victorian townhouses. The neighborhood is named for a venerable Boston district, dubbed Copley Square in 1883 to honor a well-known artist, which remains the center of that city.

Orlando's Copley Square sits on six acres about five minutes from the city center. It will feature fountains, lush landscaping, a club house and fitness center. There will even be a small amphitheater for concerts and local theater productions. Each resident will be able to reserve a plot in the community garden to grow vegetables or flowers.

The 75-unit complex offers six different models, ranging from the 1,682-square foot Tremont to the 2,280-square-foot Suffolk. Each features a two-car garage accessed from the rear of the home, nine-foot-four-inch ceilings, hardwood floors, and rooftop terraces designed to accommodate a hot tub. Each unit has three levels, a unique feature in Orlando.

For added charm, the community will feature brick-paved streets and gas-style street lights.

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Urban Village

For more than a year, prospective buyers have been flocking to see the homes being built at Baldwin Park. Actually, for most of that time they have flocked to see empty lots and look at a special book containing the plans of homes they could build. They could choose from some 150 classic home plans, mostly featuring pre-World War II architecture. When finished, Baldwin Park will have some 3,300 houses, townhouses and apartments.

What has received less attention is the retail and office component that will make Baldwin Park not only a residential community, but a business and shopping center as well.

The first office buildings will open next month and the community

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^I heard about the Loop a couple of months ago, but its just another Lifestyle Center. These types of shopping centers, like the, Winter Park Village, are popping up all over the state. Have you had a chance to see what's going on at Champion's Gate or Reunion Resort Club, south of Kissimmee on the Osceola/Polk County line?

I forgot about Baldwin Park, but I'm very impressed with its layout and I think it works alot better than Celebration. I love how they line the bordering street outside the development with dense housing.

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I checked out Reunion and Championsgate last year...the Omni hotel was going up in Championsgate, but i'm not sure what else was happening..Reunion was really cool, celebration style housing, but it uniquely uses the space to create an interesting setting...and I think its almost sold out which is impressive.

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Harmony is on 192 halfway between St. Cloud and Melbourne, WAY OUT. I went out there a while back, it will probably be nice when its built up...the four corners area will be pretty cool with all this "new urbanist" development, obviously Celebration being the cornerstone of that. Now that they are starting to sell off property to individual owners I think there is a possibility that it can have a little more character as it ages.

I haven't seen a rendering of the Four Seasons yet, but thats definitely good for Osceola County. The only other luxury hotel in Osceola is Gaylord Palms I believe.

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Celebration FL -- Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, one of the world's leading operators of luxury hotels, has purchased approximately 400 acres in Celebration. Plans for the multi-use resort include a 425-room luxury hotel, 18-hole championship golf course, an exclusive enclave of single-family homes and a fractional ownership Four Seasons Residence Club.

"We believe Four Seasons

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