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Your City's Sports Attendance


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How well does your local teams do in drawing local crowds? Roanoke is pretty lame:

Roanoke Valley Vipers: 1,500

Roanoke Dazzle: 2,100

Salem Avalanche: 6,500

Norfolk Admirals averages around 4500 for a weekend game, though last Friday there were over 7000. It really varies, it was pretty pathetic at the beginning of the season, having only 3500 people in a 9000 seat arena makes it look empty.

The Norfolk Tides vary but on a weekend game but I've been there with over 10,000 others.

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well im glad norfolk can put up numbers, I think the NBDL was thinking of expanding out there but they couldnt get a arena.

I think the attendance is OK, sometimes its real bad, try a Wednesday night hockey game, you could probably hear a pin drop in scope, unless a goal was just scored.

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