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Providence on the Uprise


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I am very happy for Providence especially, for DownTown where they has be alot of progression. For some reason I feel that Providence soon is going to be up there with all them other cities like Boston,New York, etc. This really makes me happy beacause I have lived in Providence my whole life, and I am very proud, and am looking forward to mentioning my hometown like in a other state, and people actually recognizing it and not mistaking us for Long Island :rofl: . Well what do you guy think, do you think it is going to be a better known city? I really hope it is because :P I really look forward to more concerts here, and other events.

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I hope so too. But as far as construction goes. I think after our mini boom of condo construction is complete, i'd like to see more arts and entertainment before anything else. Our skyline will be rockin' by that time so I feel that we can wait for our new Citizens tower for a few more years... let them acquire a few more companies!

Until then, lets take care of and all of those inner-city improvements that we have little control over as it seems. More infrastructure improvements, pass better laws (overnight parking, city curfew). Things like that will make us shine and keep the current residents happy. We have a million little things that are proposed for construction or that need improvement and it would be spectacular to see those completed by 2010. Providence has so much more untapped potential

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