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Detroit like Woah Part I


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On Thursday, I went with a group of friends to Detroit to check out how the Superbowl progress was coming along. There's a lot of stuff going on in the city.

The purpose of the Detroit Like Woah Series is to not only show you the beautiful downtown, but some of the progress or completion of projects that many of us forumers have had questions about. There's a lot of good stuff to see, I hope you enjoy this three part series.


The first thing I noticed was the new Fox tower sign was done.


Temporary roofs have been placed on these brush park homes. One of the workers who was at one of the houses told me the floors they are putting in are permanent as well as the rebuilt brick walls, but the developer is open to creating whatever floorplan he chooses, as well as a new roof.


More intense restoration work


A new Brush Park townhouse.

Parts II and III to come.


More Brush Park


Restored rowhomes


Hmm, oh well.


Gone is Motown Records and Sanders. An excellent example of where the city's priorities are in the wrong areas. 50 parking spaces for the Superbowl was not viable option for the city to choose. There is no solid plans for redevelopment as it appears plans for the Motown Museum have fallen through.


Traffic flows smoothly on I-75. A good example of how the freeways surrounding the city are in pretty good condition. If any visitors complain about Michigan roads around Detroit, I will be really pissed.

This is one part of the freeway I'd like to see capped. The downtown could be linked with the rest of the city. I also imagine the tunnels beneath having cool lighting effects that would make driving on the freeways slighly more interesting.


Cheli's Chili Bar looks great.


With the ML gone, the Milner painted its back facade.


The former post bar


It appears the Marquee was recently redone.


Workers mount railings into place.


More places on Broadway


The new billboard on the Fine Arts building. It looks like they added some gray covering over the windows too.


Another look.


Looking down Park Ave.


Michigan Theater and the United Artists


The Statler site, level as can be.

Detroit like Woah Part II

Detroit like Woah Part III

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Great update. But, are you sure the Motown Museum is dead? Every recent article seems to simply point to them still trying to raise money for it. It may not go at this site, but I've seen nothing in the direction of the proposal being dead, actually, quite the contrary.

I don't have to much faith in it. I didn't say it was dead, but that it appears dead. Not to mention one of my professors who was working with one of the parties involved in it said she wasn't "seeing anything concrete happening at this point." But we'll see. Things can take a dramatic turn. Just remember that the demolition of the two buildings had nothing to do with the museum. That sends a message that no one knows what the hell they are doing.

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Nice photos.

The Motown Museum couldn't even raise enough money to hire people to go through the documents that were left in the Donovan Building! If they couldn't do that, there's no way they'll raise enough to build a new building!

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Looking at the Brush Park photos I have to ask if you guys realize how much of a transition period we are experiencing right now. I take a step back and think of the other day when my boss at WSU was trying to find a tour bus to take a group of German students on a tour of Detroit.

These pics get me to thinking, how much longer can things like that last? In other words, how much longer is this visual transition going to occuring? There's going to be a point in the future when all we can do is read about it, and not witness it first hand. Therefore, the bus tours (specifically for this purpose) would not happen.

It's pretty fascinating when you think about it. It's exciting, but I will for sure miss it (that is, the good transitions). Hopefully, our city has a bright future beyond greater downtown so that bus tours and the like will be able to continue well into the future.

Great photos, wolverine. You picked a good day to come down. I saw the FOX sign for the first time at night on Friday. It really is a gem and looks fantastic. Way beyond the simple white light that I expected. :)

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Actually, if I remember correctly, there is a beauty shop on the right side. I'm not sure what is on the left side. Of course the Washington Blvd. side has that restauarant that hasn't been used in 20 years, yet still has the tables set and ready to go.

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Is there any possibility that Himelhoch's could actually reopen? I'm not talking about feasibility but legality here. Could someone open a department store under the Himelhoch name and sell the sort of clothing to the clientele such a place would (hopefully) attract. But then this is coming from someone who believes in a firm proper attire rule at restaurants and the like...


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Of course the Washington Blvd. side has that restauarant that hasn't been used in 20 years, yet still has the tables set and ready to go.

This is one of the most bizarre things I see when I walk around in the area at lunch time. It's as if the window is actually a window into 20 years ago, except it's in another dimension where it's haunted. :silly:

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If Julian Scott couldn't survive downtown, there is little hope for a reopening of Himmelhoch's or any other department store in the downtown area at least for another few years.

I think traditional department stores are generally in decline, anyhow.

I think it'd be better if the Woodward corridor could attract some of the brand name stores you'd find in other city's new shopping districts like the SOHO in NYC, the Mag. Mile in Chi, the Market St. in SF, etc. Especially if some are stores that you cannot commonly find in the area malls. That'll definitely turn it into a "destination" that we all want to see.

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