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Detroit like Woah Part III


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Never before in my life have I been so excited to see a CVS open until now.


The canopy for the pool and volleyball courts. That's what a worker told me, I'm so confused.


And by now it's clear Detroit has a door problem. In fact these doors probably won't open. Look at the curb.


Even more facade work!


The back of the Kennedy Square building. All garage as mentioned in another thread. Oh and just look at the cheap construction on this. The ventillation above the garages are bent, the exterior panels are bubbling already, and check out that bending canopy... oh the stress on cheap materials! None the less, i'm a bit fond of the design over the cheesegrater friend behind it.


Where do I enter?


One of my favorite buildings.


New opera house ramp.




Looking down Broadway Street.


Barden Companies (new copper roof?) and the DAC


The epicenter of Superbowl activity


Brush street lamps.


Looking towards the RenCen with its Superbowl logo.


For some reason, I liked this view of the skyline a lot.


The Ellington has most of its facade up.

We drove back to Ann Arbor to pick even more people up, and then drove back to Detroit for......


Ahh, nothing like Pizzapapalis at the end of a long day.


Which we then finished off with some Coldstone Creamery down the street.


Compuware building all lit up.


Making snow for the Winterfest.


Spirit of Detroit

Hope you enjoyed!

Detroit like Woah I

Detroit like Woah II

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I second that. Downtown looks fantastic and it is so exciting to be in the middle of all the action. It's great to think that in addition to all the great and neat places featured in this series of photos, that there is a world class international waterfront that is becoming more and more accessible for residents and visitors alike. What an awesome city that Detroit, Michigan is becoming! :)

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Yes, a snapped a few photos of the workers loading the new stoplights into place. In fact, there are new lights going up all over the city. Hopefully they are the bright LED kind so we don't have squint our eyes when coming up to some of those crappy conventional bulb ones.

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Admittedly, I took one look inside the Griswold Pharmacy sometime last spring, I will probably never go back in there. It definitely struck me as your conventional party/liquor store and I don't think I would want any pills there... I sound defeatist but it was so scuzzy to me.


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Well, small business is usually much more about the personal service you get than the look or upkeep of the store, many times. I shop at a little local store where I live that looks like your average liquor store, but it's because of the good service that I continue to shop there, not because of the look of the place. That is, unless Griswold is literally nasty or dirty on the inside.

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Wow, Detroit looks great. Thanks so much for the pics. I haven't been on this site much recently, and back when I checked it more regulary I really didn't post. But I really enjoy lots of the info and pics about Detroit that I can get on this site, as I love the City of Detroit.

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What a great series wolverine...I am so excited to be able to go online and look at all the progess... I miss it allot.

I have to say I am really glad that the CVS went in on woodward...basic things like that downtown will help . The YMCA, the opera garage, and the old post bar look FAN-FLUFFIN-TASTIC...the changes in downtown are dramatic...lets hope this spreds out into the neighborhoods after this weekend

Have fun this guys, it should be a blast

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