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Roanoke Photo of the Day

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Thanks to all,

Picture 1 - Near Grandin Theatre

Picture 2 - Officer Down statue in front of city's police HQ

Picture 3 - Center in the Square, via a 2nd floor art gallery

Picture 4 - Adandon housing (and soon to be new housing) near the Roanoke Times building (new looking lot with orange cones is part of the Times property

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I'd say its about half way between the Byrd and the Westhampton. Its a bit larger and more ornate than Westhampton, but less so than the Byrd. Also, the Grandin shows mainly independent and foreign films, making it more similar to the Westhampton. But the prices are cheaper and they sometimes show box office hits after they leave the mainstream theaters, which is more in line with Byrd. The Grandin does have some interesting interior features, including Gargoyles. I'll look for images on the internet. Otherwise, maybe I'll take some pics next Saturday when I'm in town.
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Here's an external view from a month or 2 ago.

It used to be one large theater but after some financial trouble in the late 80's it was saved by a non-profit and restored with community donations. Since they couldn't compete with the large multiplexes they closed the balcony off and converted that into 3 small theaters. The main room does have a stage and it used to house the Mill Mountain Theatre before Center in the Square was built. It also played host to a few punk rock shows back in the early 80's. Bands like Corrosion of Conformity, Frightwig, Guadalcanal Diary and others played there. I think I have some photos of some local bands playing there that shows the stage area but they aren't on this computer so it might take a day or 2 to dig them up.



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Yeah, I know I'm a newbie to the board (this is post #3....oh yeah!), but I again wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been posting photos here, and hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I'll start contributing my own shots to here. My fiancee and I just got offered jobs in Roanoke, and we'll be moving there pretty quick!

We live on the Va. coast now, but our wedding is in Roanoke, so we've traveled back and forth often for the past year or so. Now we get to be there permanently....though I will say we're looking at a house in Boones Mill, so we won't be living in the city. Both of our jobs are right downtown, however, and I'm looking forward to becoming a fixture in and around the 'Noke.

Your photos have given me great starting insight into the place!

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Heres a few pics I took last weekend.

View from Poor Mtn, looking North


Art Museum


Salem Ave, across from art museum


Art Museum


The Fairfax at Jefferson and McClanahan








New Silos near Starkey Rd to replace the ones to be demolished on Jefferson



Downtown from Shenandoah Ave




View from Hotel Roanoke looking east


and south


View from pedestrian bridge


Art museum from pedestrian bridge


Another view from the pedestrian bridge


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Really neat fotos, McLaw. The Art Museum is coming along beautifully.

What is stored in those silos?

Ukrops is very impressive.

The Fairfax -- is it condos or apartments?

Why is it called "Poor" Mountain? :dunno:

Thanks for the pix.

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