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Bennettsville, Marlboro County


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The sign says it here. All photos are southbound and on SC 38 BUSINESS.

Along the multiplex of many highways, this is also known as Main St.

To the left is the county courthouse and to the right, check out the architecture of the buildings.

Shortly, i will be turning right onto Broad St, still SC 38 BUSINESS.

In the next 2 photos, excuse the sun glare but temperatures were in the 60s, rising into the 70s on a January, i cant complain one bit! The rest of the photos are on Broad St.

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Thanks for posting. I grew up in Florence but only visited Bennettsville once. Several of my college buddies were from there. The buildings really do look nice.

If they can spare the room, they need to add some trees and flowers to the streetscape though.

When Charleston Mayor Joe Riley ran for Governor in '94, he wanted to help small towns around the state develop as tourist destinations by fixing up their downtowns and playing on the idea of quaint, friendly southern towns filled with history and charm. Similiar to how Georgetown and Camden market themselves. Bennettsville was one town he mentioned by name. These pics make a strong argument for his idea.

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The problem with Bennettsville is that its not on the way to anywhere for most people, so it has a very low profile.

This is very true. My wife's hometown as a bit of an image problem. People want more business and tourism to locate there, but the town is really out of the way. That is the reason most of the town's citizens want I-73 to be built right on SC 38 practically right up to the city limits. They feel that people who are on their way to Myrtle Beach will stop and see this "diamond-in-the-rough" SC town.

I have a feeling that whenever I-73 gets built, Bennettsville will start to get some economic boost as long as they organize it and do it correctly.

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^ If I have time, I like to take the 'business' routes through the old towns on any trip that I make. Or arrange it so I can hit some on the way down and some on the way back. It makes for a much more interesting drive. Much of the time that doesn't happen simply because of time.

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Cool photos; I've never been through or to Bennettsville, though I had a few college friends from there. A downtown like that can definitely be turned into an asset.

My first knowledge of the town - unfortunately - was the 84 tornadoes; I grew up in Charlotte, and we were on the other side of the same thunderstorms, which were something I will absolutely never forget...

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Bennettsville, or "B-ville" as we call it, is my mom's hometown (she still lives there.) So, I am there frequently and have grown up going there to visit my grandparents, and for the last 25 years, my mom.

If you get there, drive all the way down Main Street, and take in some of the side streets. Like many small S.C. towns, Bville has block after block of tree-lined streets filled with nice homes with front porches, tree swings, and camellia bushes in every yard. The people are as nice as can be. Truly the epitome of the southern small town!

Famous Bennettsvillians include Hugh McCall, who built Bank of America into what it is today, and Marion Wright Edelman, founder of the Children's Defense Fund.

Now if the economy could just get a boost, that would be great!

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