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downtown Jackson w/people


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Hello everybody! Been reading a while and just got registered this morning so I can particpate. I have some pictures of downtown Jackson from the 2004 Mal's St. Paddy's parade i'd like to share. I love the architecture and layout of our downtown area and look forward to a lot of improvements and additions coming up. There's lots of potential for downtown Jackson.

The pictures posted in this forum so far are great. I'm new to this posting pictures thing, so bear with me. If this works, I have several more to post from that event, if anyone's interested.

By the way, Mal's St. Paddy's day parade is a huge, annual event and will be coming up in March. I recommend those in driving distance coming to Jackson to enjoy the day. No, it's not Mardis Gras, but it's definitely worth attending.

Anyway, here's my first stab at posting a picture - hope it works!


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I'll be darn, it worked! here's more:









edited to add one more that barely shows the clock tower of the Lamar Life building, Jackson's first "skyscraper" and probably my favorite, although the Plaza building (seen in the distance, to the right, behind the Tulips) ranks up there too, as does the Standard Life building, and the....oh well, I like'm all.


being a gardening nut, I had to add one more that caught my attention that day - the entrance to the guv's crib.


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Tomorrow's the big day! The city's already packed with visitors tonight. Those of you close enough, come on in tomorrow. The festivities will go on rain or shine. Leave in time to arrive in downtown Jackson by 11:00 am, find a parking spot - I suggest somewhere around the new capital, and just follow the crowd. The thing starts off at 12 noon. I think you'll enjoy it. By the way, this has become the fourth largest St. Paddy's parade in the country. Come on down - wear your green.

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