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New Regional Hospital, St. Olav in Trondheim

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This hospital is a currently a major construction site in Trondheim, Norway. This is a town of 160,000 pop., and the development involves totally reshaping a large area - tearing down old buildings and raising many new buildings, as well as infrastructure. The hospital will serve the hole region of mid Norway. This is the main website for the development of the new St.Olav University Hospital:

!!!Unfortunately it looks like the pictures are unable to display in the posting due to that they are not named with an *.jpg ending, so use the links instead!!!

The red buildings are completed, and the blue will be built. Construction will go on till 2014! The old main building (shown in the graphics with a small picture) will be demolished.

This drawing shows how the area currently looks like

This is some air-photos of the area as of 2005

This is a nice one with the center of the city and the river and the fjord in the background:

A closeup of one of the new neurocenter:

A higher view from the south:

Lastly, a computer graphic, enhancing Phase 2 development (from west)

For a complete photo archive, go to:

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