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The city is proceeding with plans for a larger convention center. I believe that another small casino may be in the works as well. I'd love for someone to buy the old Hotel Greenville, an Art Deco landmark, and restore it as a hotel again (it's apartments now). Greenville has potential, but hasn't seemed to grasp the go-go spirit of places like Hattiesburg or Tupelo.

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Harlow's Casino

The owner of Harlow's Casino hopes that the relatively elaborate design of his casino and hotel will set it apart from the more downmarket offerings of his competitors. Unfortunately, I'm doubtful that another small casino can fix Greenville's woes at this point. While I am pleased to see something built which is obviously trying to do more than scrape the bottom of the pond, I'd be happier to see Greenville develop stronger industry and a real tax base. For a town which has lost 17 per cent of its population in the last decade, that's a tall order. Is another caino the right path for Greenville to tread?

The Clarion Ledger

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Downtown Bank Building Renovated as Living Space

At least one persin is realizing the potential of renovating downtown commercial buildings as mixed-use living space. A former bank building now houses at least 8000 sq. feet of living space and at least as much potential commercial space. While I'm not sure that poetry readings will find a huge following in Greenville, I like the sentiment expressed here. The downtown areas of many smaller cities offer almost unlimited potential for creative thinking in reviving their struggling downtown cores. I hope to see more of this happening.

The Clarion-Ledger

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Greenville is now starting gain a little ground in developments as followed:

Downtown greenspace at old Steinmart location (Design Stage)

TJ Maxx in Greenville Mall where Sears once was (Construction Stage)

Sears in Greenville Mall closed and and opened and omitted the clothing section (now open)

Nelco Cineplex Movie Theater Expansion (Planning Stage)

Harlow's Casino Renovation and Expansion (Construction Stage)

Tropicana Entertainment casino Renovation (Construction Stage)

Greenville Higher Education Center Improvements (Construction Stage)

Greenville Higher Education Center Expansion (Design Stage & Planning Stage)

James Ceranti Car Dealer Ship Expansion on Hwy 82 next to McDonald's(Construction Stage)

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