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Minneapolis Skyline History


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Does anybody have any skyline photos, say, from the mid 1980s. It'd be intersting to see them.. preferably before the Norwest tower was built. (Wells Fargo)

That photo must have been 2001 or later, because Target Plaza is finished (the tall building on the far left of the picture).. and it looks like there's a construction crane for the construction of Grant Park condos.

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1900s: pf018355.jpg

1910s: pf044294.jpg

1920s: pf020635.jpg

1930s pf048482.jpg

1940s: pf093521.jpg

1950s: pf046930.jpg

1960s: pf013121.jpg

1972: pf044412.jpg

1974: pf044410.jpg

1980: pf044427.jpg

I remember being a kid in the 80's and early 90's watching the Pipar Jaffry, Norwest, At&t, First Bank (or whatever they call it now)...I remember just be fascinated by the growth...and I still love it. I can't wait until the next commecial tower boom...lets face it...the condo projects are somewhat uninspiring. Minneapolis needs more commerce along with residential to have real vibrancy.

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Ever walk along the west side of Hennepin Ave near the Federal Reserve Bank? If so, you likely know about the bronze sculptures representing of the early years of Mpls and the falls. It's a great hands-on type of tool, IMO, for out-of-towners and kids to check out (and locals if you haven't yet ventured down that path). ;)

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