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NBA Championship


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Hopefully the Pistons. That team plays very well together as do the Spurs and a few

other teams who have players that dont want to be superstars. They play to win not play

to get Nike deals.

who cares....as far as i am concerned, basketball season ended a week ago with Florida winning.

You got that right buddy :)

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although i think the champion will be the pistons, i have a feeling the dallas mavericks will beat the spurs.

I think that you are right with the Pistons, but I don't think that that the mavericks have the depth needed to beat the spurs.

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Yayyy, my Pistons knocked off the Cavs today. I was getting so tired of LeBron.

I can't wait to see LeBron after a few more years of experience. I'm not old enough and only caught onto Jordan when he started winning; how was he in terms of court vision and team play (vs. Kobe's "me" style) compared to LeBron today?

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