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Bored and Circus anxiety


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Just sitting here, getting ready to go downtown for the Circus and wanted to share a couple of pics that I took night before last. One is of the GEC on the first night of the RBBB Circus and the other is a night shot from Baptist Hospital. As you can tell, I am quite bored. :huh:


Viridian sure is making an impact on the skyline. Density is acheived from this view!


The beautiful sunset over West End.


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From the Circus...........

The Clowns of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus...the REAL bigtop!


Bello (the "mascot") and HELLO!!!




The flying trampeeze(sp?). The "swish" features in the pic are the people flying around, LOL!!


Bello again.....


The spinning wheel thingy....really cool!


The Ring Master...


Leading up to the Finale....


A final pan of ALL the Elephants--------------------------------------------------->


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the elephants make me sad... :(

Well, it's either the Circus for them, or send them back to Africa and let them become a statistic lke many recently have. There has been a dramatic increase in the hunting deaths of Elephants in Africa recently, so I think it is pretty clear where their safety and well being is concerned.

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HELLO is right! :thumbsup:

You know what else... I am almost positive I saw the Ring Master at the Stage saturday night... hmmm.... drinking some kind of martini... at a honkytonk :lol:

By the way... I'm new here... but this forum is great! It's exciting to learn about all the new developments in Nashville :)

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