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Verizon T.V.


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This topic is about the new verizon t.v. in hillsborough county.....I know it's already in Temple Terrace, but do you guys know when it's coming to Carrollwood, Brandon, and the rest of the County? Because lately, i've seen Verizon laying out fiber optic lines in my neighborhood in Wellswood

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I would also be interested to know, or see a map of some sort. I saw they have been putting in some sort of cable on South Nebraska and more recently Sligh.

Well as somewhat of an insider I can say that it's not far down the road. From what I understand, Brandon, Riverview, south shore area is going to have to wait quite possibly up to 5 years. Verizon won the franchise with the county and I know they've been building in the county. I think the next area they light up may be carrollwood it an area being targeted right now by the competition. City of Tampa is still up in the air but I'm sure they'll get it.

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