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Augusta Skyline Images


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Here's one pic I had to take out and post. It't at the North Augusta Walmart Shopping center, looking South. South Augusta is more towards the distant horizon.


If anyone has any more feel free to post. One looking form the South, like at the Deans Bridge Road Walmart would be nice too. There also is a great view of the skyline from that part of Augusta too.

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Good shots. I wonder what the view from the top of the office building in North Augusta (is it NA technology center?) looks like. Its only 5 floors but is on one of the highest spots so I guess it would have a nice view of Downtown Augusta. There are also some good skyline shot possibilities on the bridge on the lower end of Walton way. From this vantage point you can see each building individually, none are blocking others.

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Great pictures. I don't know August well but is there a place where you can get a little bit of the sky line from one of the canals. It really is a great city. I'm from Atlanta so I envy the water elements in Augusta. I biked along the river and canals once and fell in love with the city. Augusta really is poised to become a boom town one day.

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