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Okay thought I'd at least get this started although I don't have much time to put too many links in just yet. Our discussions tend to end up hiding some of our posted links. I remember finding some pretty interesting ones a while back ago and now they're somewhere back in some of these topics. Maybe we can get Matt to pin this and let's try to just post links and have the discussions in another topic so it's not so hard to find some of these links.

Here's a link to menus of restaurants in NWA.


Here's a link to one Fayetteville development.


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Here's a few of mine.

http://www.pinnaclehills.com - Includes all the Pinnacle Projects

http://www.pleasantcrossing.com - Includes the Pleasant Crossing Development

http://www.healthyarkansas.com/eng/planrev...LUMB/Benton.htm - Shows all plans submitted to county governments for development in Arkansas.

http://www.upscalecompanies.com/index.htm - The Myers Ranch, massive multiuse project for Rogers.

http://www.nwanews.com - Great Media coverage of Northwest Arkansas.

http://www.arkansasbusiness.com - Great Media coverage for all of Arkansas.

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Okay here's some Fayetteville related links. Some of these are pretty old, there's one that maybe even Matt hasn't seen.





Here's one dealing with NWA in general.


Here's a link with some pretty nice maps of NWA.


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Here are some more:

link to webcam in Pinnacle Hills area (on top of Embassy Suites):


brand new aerial photos of Pinnacle Hills Promenade, Shoppes:


proposed Park West mixed-use development in NW Fayetteville:


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I think this has been mentioned before, but if you haven't checked out Google Earth you should. All of Washington and Benton Counties are now under higher resolution. It really gives you a good perspective on some of these developments. Here's the link to the site where you can also download it.


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Here's a link to the AMA that is responsible for some impressive developments in the Fayetteville area. Some of their upcoming developments include the Renaissance Tower, the Lofts at Underwood Plaza, the Fulbright Building and One East Center for mer Bank of America Building.


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Thought I'd bump this with some of the NWA/Fayetteville centric sites I frequent, some of these I've just found over the past few months so I'm sure some of the regulars around here have other interesting sites that I'm unaware of.

http://www.fayettevilleflyer.com/ --general interest blog, but caters to college kids

http://www.topix.com/wire/city/fayetteville-ar -- news feed, I like this because it frequently catches mentions of Fayetteville from around the country that I'd otherwise never hear about

http://news.google.com/news?pz=1&ned=u...&output=rss --similar to the above, but from Google News

http://www.ozarksunbound.com/ --another local blog/site, I think this one is pretty new

http://www.arktimes.com/blogs/streetjazz/ --blog by Richard Drake, been reading him since his old alt newspaper days

http://alannahmassey.blogspot.com/ --another local blog by someone who works for the UA

http://aubreyshepherd.blogspot.com/ --lots of great, local nature photos

http://www.lifepluskids.com/ --good for those with young kids

http://jonah-m-tebbetts.blogspot.com/ --a well-known, mostly political blogger, left wing

http://fayettevilledailydemocrat.blogspot.com/ --another mostly left wing political blogger

http://rogersarkansas.blogspot.com/ --blogger based in Rogers

http://valsbien.blogspot.com/ --conservative blogger, based in fyv I think

http://pennywisefayetteville.blogspot.com/ --blog about local discounts, coupons, shopping, etc

http://fayfreethinkers.com/forums/ -- local political forum

http://www.city-data.com/forum/arkansas/ --general Arkansas forum but with a lot of nwa discussion

http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread....63765&pp=30 -- ongoing nwa discussion thread about local high-def channels and stations

Please share any other interesting nwa/fayetteville centric sites that you know of!

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