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Paying too much dough for your bread


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People are comparing prices of things from where they moved from. I think one person summed it up well.

"Perhaps it is due to the fact that Harris Teeter seems to have a lock on this part of Union County," she wrote. "Without much competition, they feel no pressure to keep prices lower. The Charlotte area, with its fast growth, is ripe for stores such as Safeway or Stop-N-Shop to come in with their reasonable prices and wide variety of choices. It will happen before long and shake the current situation up. Not soon enough for me!

"On the other hand," she continued, "you can't put a price on friendliness and we have that here in abundance."

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I kid you not, in Kansas City about 5 years ago when I was last there, grocery store competition was so fierce you could get a loaf of white bread for 29c and lunch meat for $1.99 per pound. But being in the heartland, there was probably significant competition among local distributors and farmers.

Although the price of bread is symbolic, just like anywhere HT has goods that are more expensive and cheaper than other places. Also, may HT shoppers buy fancier bread, like 9 grain and that kind of thing, as well as the daily breads, that end up being more expensive, they've probably dropped some of the cheaper products. I think the prices reflect high quality in most cases.

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^ First difference grocery shopping I noticed was the higher meat prices here vs. Boston. Generally $1/lb., especially the deli. I'm talking comparable stores, not low-price. Hannaford vs. Teeter. The former is better BTW. My guess is it's how they compensate and treat their employees.

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