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The Flying Yankee


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The flying yankee was built in 1935, it is a streamline and an icon of its era, it has 3 cars including the main car, it traveled from bangor to boston spending most of its track time in New Hampshire in maine. After 50 years of sitting in a barn it is now being refurbished by the state of New Hampshire to once again ride the rails.















(ash tray on observers chair)




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More than likely it wont touch any tracks outside the state of New Hampshire, i think its gonna run the hobo railroad line, which is a scenic railway not a commuter. it would be totaly cool if could be a commuter and travel its original route, but it being restored is pretty sweet on its own.

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The state of New Hampshire? Restoring a train? Really?!?!? :shok: Things are changing up there!

It would be cool if it could run from Manchester to Hampton Beach via Portsmouth or something like that.

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You know, I havn't heard much on this for a while. I was wondering what was up. It used to be down at Edaville in South Carver, MA, then someone brought it up to Bartlett, and the COnway Scenic was going to run it along the Crawford Notch Route, then I know it went down to Lincoln for restoration. Is it nearing completion?

I doubt it would be functional as a commuter train, but I could definitely see it run either between Weirs and Lincoln, OR even better, if they ever improve the tracks to North Conway, as a ski train from Boston to North Conway.

I did not realize the State owned it now.

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