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I-94 corridor entrance


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There was much press about this a couple of years ago, and I am interested in seeing how things turned out. Bridge at Telegraph? Wave-form painting on bridges? Some sort of overpass lighting?

(Probably should mention that I was with Detroit's Planning & Development dept in 2003, and in 2004 evacuated to Grand Rapids. When I visit, it's usually on 275 or 96.)

Thanks for all the great pictures this SB XL week. I *almost* want to drive to Northland and hop on a shuttle to come see for myself!

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At night, you wouldn't even know it existed.

Light that thing up!!

But really, the bridge it somewhat overrated, and not as memorable. I was more impressed with some of the trees that were lit up in the median.

EDIT: some of the waves were painted over during bridge improvements. Some of them have been there for years already.

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