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Oscar Best Picture Poll


Oscar Best Picture Poll  

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  1. 1. Best Picture

    • Brokeback Mountain
    • Capote
    • Crash
    • Good Night, and Good Luck
    • Munich

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" Good Night, and Good Luck" is about the famous CBS broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow. Edward R. Murrow was born in Greensboro and there is a major thoroughfare in downtown Greensboro named after him (Murrow Blvd). There is also a bust of him located on Murrow Blvd. He was like the Dan Rather of the times.

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Come on! Am I the only one that thinks Capote has a chance?

I just saw Capote today, so now I've seen all 5.

IMHO it wasn't as good as the others. It dragged a little at the end. So did Brokeback and Munich, but it was worse with Capote because I knew how it was going to end. I thought Crash was great, but it didn't rise to the level of what was achieved with GN+GL and Brokeback. In any other year, I think GN+GL would win, but the Brokeback train is not going to stop.

RT: why do you think Capote hs a chance?

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