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Pete's Deli to move out of Crossroads Mall


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Advance Auto Parts plans to expand its offices into the Pete's deli space, which measures 3,700 square feet and can seat about 100 people. Chris White, who owns Crossroads, said last year that the interior portion of the mall would become office space for Advance Auto's corporate headquarters. Why cant they build in downtown!!! this is horizontal progress, we need vertical!!

Pete's owners have considered moving the cafe to an empty spot at Towne Square Shopping Center, just behind Crossroads. But no lease has been negotiated there yet, said Millie Moore, who leases spaces at Towne Square and owns Retail Real Estate in Roanoke.

When asked why they stayed at Crossroads though they only had a month-by-month lease, Lisa Hale said Crossroads owners promised that they could remodel the space to have an outside mall entrance.

The fate of other retailers near Pete's is questionable. Top Nails, a nail salon beside the cafe, will have to move from its space, but its lease ends in eight years at Crossroads, said owner Sony Nguyen. He said he does not know when the shop will move to a new spot at the mall.

But Dollar Duz It across from Pete's has not been told to move yet, said the store's manager. Its lease is up in October.

Meanwhile, loyal customers won't necessarily be left in the dark about Pete's eventual move. They can sign a book at Pete's with their phone numbers. Pete's employees will call all customers to tell them where its new restaurant will set up shop, Lisa Hale said.

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i wouldnt be suprised if Advanced bought them out, I thought that Crossroads was going to try to be a 'mall' again
Advance is only leasing their space. I figure after they get finshed destroying what's left of Crossroads' formerly histroric interior, they'll move and leave a crappy space that nobody wants.

Crossroads has always been a mall, but it's been really dead inside for over two decades. With all that retail space nearby and malls at a low point in popular culture, it would be hard to get the place to come back alive in its current form.

The new owner doesn't know what he's doing. It would be smarter to tear the place down in phases and build new rather than beat on 40-something year old bones. There are some great spaces in that mall, but if they're not going to try to preserve any of them, there's no efficient way to convert them to something else.

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