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PHOTOS: Corliss Landing | Waterplace Park

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The temps topped 40 today in Providence and I happened to have my camera with me. So hot as it was (I'm a New Englander, in February 40 is hot), I decided to snap some pics at lunch.

Here is Corliss Landing, The Point Street Bridge, and Point Street Landing:

The Providence skyline from the eastern shore of the Providence River at the Point Street Bridge


This old power station on the western shore of the Providence River is the future home of Heritage Harbour Museum


Ice on the Providence River at Corliss Landing, the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier is in the background


The gates of the Hurricane Barrier from Corliss Landing


The Marina, The Point Street Bridge, and the skyline. Last week this part of the river was solid ice


Manchester Street Power Station from the park at Corliss Landing


Exit 2: The elevated highway here should be gone by 2008. The Route 195 relocation project is shifting the highway south, away from here. The other side of the highway is Wickenden Street, one of Providence's hipper areas.


Boats in ice at the Marina, from the bridge. Lot's of boats were damaged or lost this winter due to the ice.


View of the skyline through the Point Street Bridge. The other bridge spanning the river is part of Route 195 and will be torn down in 2008


Another shot of Corliss Landing. The buildings right along the water are restaurants and have great outdoor dining during the summer, quite popular.


Close up of the Manchester Street Power Station from the Point Street Landing side.


Point Street Bridge


Point Street Landing, looking toward the city


Point Street Landing, looking the other way. During the summer, this is where you'd board the high-speed ferry to Newport.


Lunch is over, back to work. After work I took a walk down to Providence Place to pick up a few things. Decided to try some dusk shots, here's the results:

A frozen Woonasquatucket River looking toward College Hill. The setting sun was setting a nice pink glow on the hill, but my camera didn't capture that.


Almost the same shot, just shifted over a little to catch the entire Citizens Bank Building.


My eventual destination, Providence Place Mall, across the frozen basin of Waterplace Park.


From left to right: The Marriot Courtyard Hotel, The Westin Providence, and the city side of Providence Place.


The classic Providence skyline shot. Family Guy fans may recognize these as the buildings behind the Griffin's house.


A blurry Biltmore


Marriot, Westin, and Providence Place from a slightly different angle.


Trying to be arty with the branches and all. What I was resting my camera on to keep it steady obviously wasn't doing it's job.


Citizens Bank Building on the left, Hospital Trust Tower on the right, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the middle.


Last one...


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I guess you must've been having the weather today that we had yesterday. It was a warm 38 degrees here yesterday. Shorts & t-shirt weather! LOL.

Great pics. I epecially like the night shots :).

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Those are fantastic. I love how Waterplace Park seems to incorporate its streatch water making it seem as a feature of the park itself instead of a neighbor.

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Is that one of the canals that has gondolas in the summer in the piture with the white arched bridge?

Yes it is. That is the Woonasquatucket River in Waterplace Park.

The gondolas were actually the vicitim of arson over the summer and it was feared they would not come back. The owners didn't have enough insurance to cover the damage. The city kicked in some cash and one of the gondolas was back for a ceremonial ride at the end of the season. Both gondolas are expected back next year.

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any city on the water looks wonderful and here's a great exmaple thanks Cotuit

Last summer I took the ferry to Newport, you can see the skyline quite a ways down the bay. I'll get some pictures this summer.

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