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Taking the train to Detroit.


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I'm going to take the Wolverine Commuter train from Ann Arbor to Detroit on Friday. It will be an experience of what a light rail system could be like extending from A2-Det.

Supermodern facility in Ann Arbor:


Ultra/Supermodern facility in Detroit... the one located on Baltimore Ave, not that huge wreck on Michigan Ave.


kidding :lol:

I'm so sad because I get off at New Center instead of downtown. Now I'll have to walk to WSU to hop on a shuttle downtown.

Anyone else going to be downtown to meet up with me and probably some of the other forumers?

Oh, and I'm willing to meet people up at the train station in A2 for those in the area. For some of those who can't drive to Detroit, this is your chance.

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I'll be downtown, marketing all weekend. I'll keep an eye on the board to see if you guys will be around and looking to meet up.

By the way, I met Chad Johnson and Eric Dickerson today, and Dan Marino yesterday. I've never seen such celebrity fire power in this city.

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You can take the Woodward DDOT from the train station, wolverine. It would be cheaper than the shuttle and I think they drop you off at the same place downtown (the old Motown Building site) [/anger!!!]

My day to go downtown is Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday evening. I'll also prolly make it down sometime on Sunday.

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