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East Main Street

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East Main to sprout several changes

Spartanburg Herald-Journal (SC)


Today's issue had an update on some developments along East Main Street: Easton and land next to Wal-mart and The Home Depot.

For the land next to Wal-Mart, I cannot think of anything that can easily take up 53,000 square feet. If divided, I could see a national book store chain, a Petsmart or something else. I could not imagine another grocer besides specialties like Whole Foods and Earthfare going in; Bi-Lo, Ingle's and Publix have stores within range.

I am unsure what could go up besides The Home Depot.

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I have never read an article that said so much, and still said nothing.

Basicly what it comes down to is that nothing is happening with those lots, and they don't know what will happen with them yet.

The Easton developer is stalling- but for his own reasons thankfully.

That lot in front of Walmart would be a perfect location for an hhgregg or maybe a Circuit City. A grocery store is not needed. The Hillcrest area has plenty as it is.

Though it is frustrating that nothing is happening over there, I do like it when the paper keeps us up to date on things. They should do updates more often.

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The best thing from the article was that all the porperties will eventually be in the city limits. Apart from that, I agree with Spartan; A whole lot of talk, but no substance.

I had to drive out through that area today, and I wish they could make a better spur or something off of Hwy. 29 to get a better parkway to I-85. I think that would encourage more development out toward Cowpens. There is some great land out there, but it doesn't seem to connect to anything.

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They are planning to widen Skylyn/Cannons Campground/Gossett to accomplish that very thing hub-city. I don't know if they iwll widen Heywood as well, but I see no reason why they wouldn't, since that is the logical connection to downtown.

Cowpens may not be out of the loop just yet. Give it some time.

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Yes, its in the SPATS 2005-2025 Long Range Transportation Plan, so it should be started by 2025. They will also widen Plainview Dr (that connects E Main to Cannons Campground)

Check out this link and look at the Long Range Transportation Plan

I would imagine that this will happen in the next 5-10 years. They've already started on projects 1 & 2 on that list. The Skylyn Drive project is #6.

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