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We used to go there once a summer when I was a kid. Of course the best part was simply getting to the Island. They had some great old steam driven boats to ferry people back and forth. You could go to the middle of the boat and look into the engine room... smell the oil... feel the heat.... see the moving parts... that was the greatest thing...

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I spent many summer days there...it was a blast! At one time there was talk of building condos there, but apparently that hasn't happened yet...

Per Wikipedia:

"Bois Blanc Island, commonly called Boblo Island, is an island in the Detroit River on the Canada side of the border. The island is about 2 miles (3 km) long and located directly west of Amherstburg, Ontario. The main shipping channel of the St. Lawrence Seaway (currently for north-bound ships) lies between Bois Blanc Island and the Amherstburg mainland. The island is approximately 200 acres in size.

Fort Amherstburg (now Fort Malden) was built in 1796 to replace Detroit for the British. Guns from the fort could reach the island, hence secure the Detroit River.

'Bois Blanc means White Woods, a name derived from the many birch trees in the area. It is known as Boblo Island due to the Boblo mining company which owned the island for years.

It was formerly the home of the Boblo Amusement Park, which began operation in 1898 and closed for good at the end of the day on 30 September 1993.


The island is currently a private "resort" island in receivership due to unpaid bills to many creditors, including the Town of Amherstburg. The island is served by a private ferry."

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Wow, what a blast from the past . . .went there once several years ago for some car racing thing . . .mostly just drank a lot of beer! haha

What's happening over there or is this just for reminiscing? :cry:

Your probably thinking of Bell Isle, they have an Indy race every year.

Too bad they had to close Boblo, I never got a chance to go but it seems like it would do good business, theres not a whole lot to do in Detroit when it come to real destinations.

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