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Roanoke Occupancy Rates


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South Roanoke - 90%

Downtown Roanoke - 89%

North Roanoke - 78%

Hall Associates said that they expect oppupancy rates will rise with the building that houses Atlantic Mutual in Salem, which will move to a new spot in late 2006, and Carilion Health System's biomedical center in Roanoke.


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Well after todays front page story on/in the Roanoke Times on "Violent Roanoke: a mean city where we kick puppies." or some such nonsense (seriously - the guy called Roanoke mean. MEAN!) Im not so sure people will care about the numbers...

Im beginning to wonder if its not time for a 2nd newspaper here in Roanoke. Perhaps one that actually LIKES Roanoke.

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Im mainly sick of a newspaper that can't be bothered to run local stories. How many stories does one paper need to get from AP Wire or Reuters?

People complain that nothing ever happens here, but how would you know if it did? It's not in the paper. Thank god for bloggers... well, certain bloggers anyway.

/not me.. noooo not me at all lol


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