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The Hendersonville Town Center

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Hendersonville became a city in 1969. The city grew, as most did through the late 20th century, with a lack of planning and design. City services are scattered throughout the city of nearly 50,000 residents. The city government with backing from local banks and businesses now hopes to solve this problem by consolidating many city services into a "Town Center" like most older cities already have. The city plans to align roads in the central part of the city and add streetscape improvements while enforcing strict building codes to create a new downtown Hendersonville.

Here's the first phase of the plan:


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I like Hendersonville's potential, but I was unimpressed by the existing town center. I was up there last summer and was tempted to look at lakefront real estate.

I see so much potential around that lake. It would be a great way to distinguish the city from Nashville's other suburban powerhouses. It's such a shame the core is moving in the other direction. Is the library going in at the spot indicated in the plan?

This plan looks like a good start, but a plan is just a plan until it sees some action. The financing looks promising too.

On a related note: It's likely that the city's population will exceed 60,000 by 2010 with the sudden boom in housing and annexations. This article expounds.


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