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CINCINNATI: Some Mt. Healthy

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Yesterday I was walking through the independent city of Mt. Healthy, which is within walking distance just to the east of me. After stopping at the library, I snapped a few pics.

About Mt. Healthy:

LOCATION: The center is the intersection of Hamilton Ave. (US-127) and Compton Rd. It is approximately 8-8.5 miles from the Cincinnati CBD.

SIZE: 1.57 square miles.

DENSITY: 4,563.2 per square mile.

POPULATION (2000): 7,149 (73.7% white, 23.3% black, 1.6 % two+ races, 1% Hispanic/Latino).

MEDIAN INCOME (2000): $32,982 (6.79% in poverty, 1.97% unemployment).

MEDIAN HOME VALUE (2000): $85,900 (94.2% units occupied, 48% owner-occupied).

Mt. Healthy was settled in 1817 as an agricultural outpost. At the time, it was called

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Yeah, there's very little new construction except for an elderly group home in the northern part of the city and a couple of new small office/commercial buildings and a kidney dialysis center on the far eastern fringes. Virtually everything else was built before 1960-1970.

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