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GREAT NEWS: Flagship Marshall Field's might not drop its name!


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I really hope this is true! Even though I don't live in Chicago, I love Marshall Field's, and it is pretty much the only store I shop at.

Changing Field's to Macy's is a slap in the face to the Midwest. I grew up with Dayton's, and though I was saddened when it became Marshall Field's, it was still Dayton's at heart (perhaps that has to do with Target owning it?).

I really hope that this is true.

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It would be best is at least the State Street Store remained a Marshall Field's. Just think of how profitable the 1 store would then be... much like the old days when you went to the "Big Store" downtown to shop. Anyway, Federated killed off the local Goldsmith's Department Store here in Memphis a year or two ago. I've shopped there less and less since the change because there is no longer anythig unique about it. Food for thought.

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