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What happened here?


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So here it is, the first in a series of "What happened here?"

I'll show you something (or you can show something) and give a few clues about it. And lets see what we can see. And it will always be somewhere in Roanoke.

First up: 94382974_f4c508d0ee.jpg

Back in the day, when reporters wore hats and used paper and pens to capture the news, one editor took a spill after a days hard work and a nights hard carousing.

The story is easy to find, especially if you know the location.

So where is this?

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Round #2: There are two of me downtown. One is pictured here - but where is here? The other is hidden in plain sight, in a place where your nose usually points up - not down to see it. Where is this one, and where is its twin?


Oh yes, the Crystal Tower Building IS the PDL - version 2.0. V1 burned in 1931. That was the one with the porches on the rear of the building. The one you most often see in postcards.

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Well, the one in the photo is on stairs. The twin is on a sidewalk, but usually your busy looking around for food, and not staring at your feet as you walk. Unlike me.. I stare at my feet and follow my nose to some of the best chinese in town.

If it helps (which it probably won't) it's across from the old A&P

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