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Sacramento/Bay Area to merge?


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I believe there is a greenbelt between Davis and Vacaville that prevents this. Not to say that there isn't a "Megolopolis" where the effects of the bay area spill outside their traditional boundaries (example: Tracy, CA). Clearly Sacto and Bay Area have distinctive markets (i.e. separate radio stations, tv stations, newspapers, etc.); I don't view them necessarily as one City.

Just like I wouldn't consider San Diego and LA to be the same City - but the juxtaposition of both pairs are similar.

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Do you think that will ever happen?

What exactly do you mean? Like one, big shlabangin' city? San Framento? Sacracisco? I don't think this will happen. North Bay Area and South Bay Area are different enough, let alone merging with an area like Sacramento. Interesting idea, though I think there would be too many political disconnects.

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I don't think it'll ever happen. The cities of Davis, Woodland, and Dixon are permanently separated by greenbelts and Davis is very anti-growth and the City owns hundreds of acres that surround the city which are zoned as permanent agriculture. Yolo County's general plan also strongly discourages sprawl. Also, the Yolo Bypass separates Davis from West Sacramento, and unless those levees are torn down and they make heavy modifications to the Yolo Causeway, I don't think the two MSA's will ever merge.

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