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Another HQ to Nashville


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Not too small; the article states that once the Gallatin move is complete and the distribution/factory is up and running, that Samick will be the largest producers of pianos in North America.

Oh yeah, and we forgot one. This one was in Tuesday's BJ.


So, just this week, we've snagged one from Manitoba and another one from Southern California.

Music and Healthcare Software. I like it.

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Is anyone seeing a pattern? It seems that all of these and other headquarters are always moving to the suburbs/"edge cities". It is very frustrating. Why not downtown?

Is it schools? Taxes? quality of life? outlying cities are more competitive? Any thoughts? Anyone from the Chamber reading this forum. Some how we need to be able to retain more of these relocations and their employees. To some degree, their employees do come to Nashville to shop or eat and maybe live and Nashville business may see a boost, but I guess I am just selfish and would hope to have it all.

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It would be nice to see more demand for office space downtown, but more business and industry (and all those jobs) in the metro are what really matter to me. They keep the city and the metro growing (along with the tax base), and eventually there will be bigger tenants or cumulative demand that new office towers go up downtown. Perhaps at some point a re-locator will have a prestige factor present when they come to town and build a tower to show off, who knows what industry that may be in, we may not even be able to think of it; I mean who two years ago thought Nissan might be interested in relocating its HQ to Middle Tennessee.

I think downtown, like most downtowns will become a different beast. It will be more of a community, not just 9-5 offices, but stores, housing, corporate jobs, entertainment, etc, making it in the long run a much more interesting, attractive, and stable part of the city (not that it isn't now! lol).

Thats my opinion.

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