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Green Pittsburgh


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From Pittsburgh buiness Times;

Pittsburgh ranks second in green-certified space among cities across the nation, at 2.3 million square feet. Only Sacramento, Calif., has more, with 3.2 million square feet, according to a recent report from the Pittsburgh Green Building Alliance.

And in recent weeks, the backers of several major developments in the region have said they'll shoot for the green standard: PNC Financial Services Group Inc.'s new Downtown office-condo tower; renovation of the vacant Lazarus-Macy's store Downtown; and the new Medrad Inc. headquarters in Marshall Township.

The future looks even greener, with some 42 buildings throughout the metro area having applied to the U.S. Green Building Council for certification. The private nonprofit certifies buildings under a program called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED. Buildings earn points for various environmentally friendly techniques, including reusing materials and use of nontoxic paints.

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This is nothing new to me but it is always nice to read about. I really think this is something the city should push in marketing itself. It shows how far we've come from being the soot-stained, rusted out steel town that we once were, and which many people still think we are. How could anyone, faced with these facts, think this city is rusty or dirty?

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I think this is a fantastic idea. To go from grime to shine, and mean to green is a great way to add marketability to the city. I've thought about "green zones" that encourage green architecture and remodeling. Perhaps giving tax incentives to those who build or remodel homes and business in these areas. Plus they could b great places for budding architects to test their skills. We have a wonderful chance to become an architectual magnet because of the challenges of our landscapes. It could be a great new industry to bloom in Pittsburgh.

For me, nothing looks better than a blend of the old with the modern. VIVA GREEN!

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