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DC Stadium


Should DC build a new stadium?  

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  1. 1. Does DC really need a new stadium?

    • Yes
    • No
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I first voted "No", then changed my vote to "Maybe." Why? There's little doubt that building a new stadium would be an economic catalyst for the area. I'm still not sure that the District can afford the cost of building the stadium. The Billionaires of Baseball should be asked to shoulder more of this burden. I am not persuaded by the argument that we have achieved the best deal possible. Having said that, there may come a point where we shall simply have to go forward with the project, if only to revive the area. So far, the hand of government vis a vis the residents in the area has been clumsy.

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I'd like to see D.C. United have a purpose-built soccer stadium they can call Home. However, I think it should be done so that the impact on the D.C. taxpayer is minimal.

RFK kind of works for the time being, but it doesn't offer the atmosphere that a true soccer stadium offers.

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